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Our story

Once upon a time, in her high school years, Ines crossed paths with a passion for technology and the determination to solve concrete problems in the business world using advanced technologies. Little did she know that this chance encounter with her own ambitions would lay the foundation for an extraordinary journey in the years to come.

Ines has a taste for entrepreneurship and business development, coupled with a deep love for technology that ignited during her university years. At the age of 18, she decided to delve into the world of technology, focusing on solving real-world issues. She pursued her studies with fervor, graduating from Rotterdam School of Management and the University of Sydney. These experiences provided her with a strong foundation and exposure to various industries, including Defense, Media, Marketing Agencies, large Tech companies, and Startups, across Europe, Asia, and Australia.

During her academic journey, Ines discovered a vision to revolutionize productivity in the workplace using advanced technologies. Drawing upon her diverse experiences and newfound passion for technology, she founded Seedext. She worked tirelessly to develop a simple yet powerful AI assistant capable of effortlessly transcribing and synthesizing meetings.

Her innovation garnered trust from many large tech companies, including Salesforce, SAP, Google, and Slack, who embraced Seedext's premise. Seedext thrived not only due to its technical prowess but also because of a young, driven team that fueled her determination to succeed.

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Because with Seedext, we help you embrace what's coming next.

Our Mission

At Seedext, our mission is to create a work environment where people can achieve a better work-life balance and feel genuinely included, regardless of their abilities or language barriers.

We firmly believe that every voice should be heard, and we're breaking down barriers to ensure everyone can actively participate in discussions and decision-making.

Our AI-driven solutions streamline tasks and processes, giving individuals the freedom to focus on what truly matters in their jobs and fostering meaningful connections with others.

Through our AI-powered tools, we level the playing field, creating a more inclusive and supportive workspace where diversity is celebrated.

Seedext is not just a company; it's a movement towards a brighter and more inclusive future using new technologies. Join us on this journey, and together, let's create a world where work is not merely a means to an end, but a fulfilling and uplifting experience for all.

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