Foxy is an intelligent assistant that transcribes and summarizes all your meetings in one click. Safely and securely.


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Foxy is the perfect assistant which will summarise your meetings for you and your teams in an instant.

Available on all meetings

Wether online or offline meetings, on any platforms, Foxy will be here to take notes for you and be trained on your workflow.

Top quality accuracy

Foxy is the most accurate AI assistant. She is trained on your summaries. She learns the way you write, format...

A safe and secure AI system

Trusted by the largest companies, we perfectly adapt Foxy to your security system.

Effortlessly integration

Integrates securily into your daily work.
No need to add another tool.

Use our 360 integration to combine with all your tools including video conference, CRM platforms, ATS...

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All your meetings automatically summarized.

Meeting recording

We record your meetings so you can focus on your interlocutor.

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All your meetings automatically transcribed.

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Transcribe and summarize any of your video and audio files


Find, search and review all your meetings in your synchronized agenda.

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