Use Cases


Seedext is the ultimate tool for consultancies, providing effortless post-meeting collaboration. With automated knowledge documentation and easy access to meeting summaries, transcriptions, and call recordings, decision-making processes become streamlined, and overall efficiency is boosted.

Transform your consulting initiatives.

Seedext lets you focus on what your clients are saying during meetings.

I wasn't expecting this level of sophistication. Pwc

Use Seedext recaps, transcripts, and smart search to pull out key details and create post consulting session reports.

Facilitate post-meeting collaboration.

Get meeting summaries, transcriptions, and call recordings after each call. Record action items in your interface to manage your projects efficiently.

Seedext allows you to focus on the conversation instead of rushing to take notes.

Automatically document knowledge for future candidates.

Seedext enables your team to document and integrate knowledge from all your important meetings, whether it's a general meeting, design review, or daily scrum. Seedext takes care of it for you.

Accelerate the development of tomorrow's leaders through trainings.

Seedext empowers new team members to learn from the best within your organization. Speed up the upskilling of your leadership team.

Gain insights into the reasoning and decision-making processes across your entire organization.

Preserve the culture and identify potential issues.

With Seedext, there's no need to repeat yourself. Create a more transparent meeting culture that aligns your team effortlessly. Instead of asking the same questions, leaders can be better informed before meetings.