Use Case


Seedext optimizes your sales calls by automating note-taking, CRM data entry, and providing real-time coaching and feedback options. With Seedext, you can focus on your clients and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales process.

Optimize your sales calls.

Seedext lets you focus on your clients.

Seedext enables automation for note-taking, coaching reps, and sealing deals.

I wasn't expecting this level of sophistication.

Seedext takes care of your CRM data entry by logging calls, notes, transcripts, and meetings directly.

This frees you to focus on the conversation without the need to scramble and take notes.

Accelerate sales rep onboarding.

Enable new reps to learn from your team's top-performing sales calls. Streamline the onboarding process and empower teammates to discover the winning formula for closing deals.

Enable real-time coaching and feedback.

Allow managers to leave comments at specific parts of calls, and empower your team to highlight crucial moments using time-stamps.