Use Case

Human Resources

Seedext is a powerful recruitment tool that simplifies candidate tracking, provides smart search capabilities, and streamlines the interview process with AI note-taking. It empowers recruiters to focus on meaningful interactions and improves hiring decisions through information sharing.

Transform your recruiting initiatives.

Seedext lets you focus on your candidates.

I wasn't expecting this level of sophistication.

Use Seedext recaps, transcripts, and smart search to pull out key details and create post consulting session reports.

Capture calls, notes, transcriptions, and meetings seamlessly within your system through Foxy - your AI note-taker.

Seedext allows you to focus on the conversation instead of rushing to take notes.

Seedext assists you in your candidate tracking process and selection.

With Seedext, detect desired information and characteristics with just one click. Uncover what interests your candidates. Transform crucial interview moments into shareable recaps for your entire team.

Accelerate recruiter training.

Seedext empowers new recruiters to learn from the best candidate interviews conducted by your team.

Help recruiters improve candidate selection, ask the right questions, and hire the best talent.

Facilitate information sharing.

Recruiters can provide more context to hiring managers by sharing Seedext recaps. Instead of asking the same questions, hiring managers can be better informed before the interview.